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The Top 22 Destination Wish List For 2022

While 2021 may not be the year that travel reopens completely to the world, there’s nothing stopping you planning your wish list of destinations for years to come. We’ve compiled a list of 22 of our favourite destinations around the world for when travel reopens so that you know exactly where is best to visit. This takes into account family travel, solo travel, couples getaways and pretty much everything in-between, so grab a cup of tea and sit back for a solid inspiring read about where to go on holiday.

22. Marrakesh, Morocco

While it may not be often considered one of the tops for most peoples lists, Marrakesh has so much to offer that it’s often a destination worth returning to. Being just a short drive to the coast, packed full of markets (or souks), a huge array of museums and fantastic landmarks all around; you’ll have absolutely no trouble filling your days. There’s many hotels and resorts to choose from, including major luxury brands and all-inclusive options… so the only real dilemma is choosing how long to stay for!

This place is perfect for: history lovers, city breaks, couples getaways and romantic breaks.

21. Athens, Greece

We start our list at the bottom with Athens, Greece, home to some of the best ancient history, views and weather that you can get in Eastern Europe. Athens itself is very cheap to visit for both transport and accommodation, so you and the family can get a fantastic informative and beautiful holiday in for a fairly good price. As is the case with lots of Greece, you’ll find some fantastic deals on all-inclusive hotels with your local travel agents too, as well as excursions and tickets to attractions in the area you’ll want to visit.

This place is perfect for: history lovers, beachgoers, hikers, night-life seekers and family vacations.

20. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a truly beautiful city that is fantastic for those looking for a stunning city break. With gorgeous sights and landmarks, beautifully comfortable hotels throughout and an amazing combination of culture, dining and entertainment experiences, it’s definitely an unmissable location in Europe. It’s rare that you’ll find Hungary as a country on a top list at all to visit, but Budapest is too unique in it’s own right to be overlooked by any travellers looking to tick off destinations.

This place is perfect for: history lovers, city breaks, couples getaways, romantic breaks and families.

19. Boston, USA

When you look at the East Coast of the USA, Boston is definitely not the first place you think of visiting, but it’s definitely one of the more unique. With a prevalent place in the history of America and it’s freedom, it’s a heritage city that’s modernised to become a great city for all to visit. The city is full of fantastic people and cultures that thrive through art, entertainment, architecture and dining to create a wonderfully unique experience on the coast. The city is also very well known for the Boston Harbour and it’s beautiful scenic sea-views.

This place is perfect for: history lovers, boat lovers, culture seekers and feast-finders.

18. Borneo, Asia

The island of Borneo is a truly unforgettable place that must be visited by every nature lover (and everyone else) around the world. Being the natural home of the critically endangered Bornean Orangutan, you can not only visit the location for a great time, but aid and donate to help conserve the species for our future. With stunning expeditions, amazing lodge-like retreats and various other fantastic excursions, you can lose yourself in the natural wilderness in Borneo with ease.

This place is perfect for: volunteer workers, animal lovers, nature lovers and family vacations.

17. Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is a province in Canada that is often known for it’s beautifully stunning scenery, fishing industry and near untouched landscape. It’s one of the more unique parts of Canada for it’s architecture, culture and ongoing modernisation, but you can be sure that your visit here will be unforgettable. With places like Peggy’s Cove being a tourist hotspot, you’ll have lots of options for accommodation and excursions too, making it absolutely fantastic for any and every traveller.

This place is perfect for: boat lovers, fishing, seal / whale watching, romantic getaways and family trips.

16. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik as a city is definitely not the best city break available in the Northern reaches of Europe, but that’s not why the destination has made this list. With countless excursions and opportunities to travel to some of the most breath-taking and beautiful scenery in the world, it’s hard to argue against visiting the city at some point in your life. That being said, the city itself is a very beautiful place, with soaring views over the coast and mountainous regions, as well as a stunning architectural and colourful style unique to the area.

This place is perfect for: couples getaways, excursions, hiking, trekking, Aurora Borealis (northern lights).

15. Prague, Czech Rep.

As the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague has no shortage of beautiful scenery, landmarks and things-to-do for the average tourist. With a very rich history, a truly unique skyline and architectural style, and a fantastic culture of people and citizens, the city is a fantastic option for a short city break in Europe. Generally, trips to the city are quite cheap too which is what makes it so great, with accommodation, entertainment, shopping, dining and excursions all being very reasonably priced. It’s also pretty good for a beer or two.

This place is perfect for: booze cruises, city breaks, couples getaways, short breaks, sightseeing.

14. Nuuk, Greenland

Much like Reykjavik in Iceland, Nuuk is a beautiful location that is perfect for stop-offs or connections to other parts of Greenland, but it’s also a fantastic location in itself for various reasons. Our favourite part of the location is the culture and the people, offering a truly grand insight into life in Greenland and its industries; but it’s also a perfect location to see the northern lights, whale / seal watch, glacier tours and various other amazing excursions. The fishing-style nature of the city is what sets it apart architecturally to most locations we have here in the UK, making it one of our most picturesque locations in the world.

This place is perfect for: couples getaways, photography expeditions, nature lovers, Aurora Borealis.

13. Nice, France

With it’s iconic beachfront, amazing weather, beautiful scenery and fantastic array of things-to-do, Nice is the perfect city break for those looking to explore France’s Mediterranean side. In a style that we’d class as a “larger Monaco”, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a luxury landscape as soon as you’re off the plane here, with amazing fine dining, fancy hotels and atmosphere… but the city is also rich with a great culture of people and a tourism industry that thrives, catering to pretty much everyone. It’s one of the best beach-scenes in the South of France, although it does get very busy in the summer.

This place is perfect for: beach vacations, luxury stays, romantic getaways, family trips and summer fun.

12. Los Angeles, Cali.

While we’re certain Los Angeles is on pretty much everyone’s list of best places to go, we definitely couldn’t miss it off our list of Top21 destinations for the sake of it. With a countless array of things-to-do, world-class entertainment, glorious climate and a plethora of connections to nearby American hotspots, LA is a simply unmissable part of the states. Whether you’re touring the homes of celebrities, exploring the stunning art scene, historical culture of the area, or even just passing through to Disneyland, the city is one of the most variety-soaked places in the world.

This place is perfect for: city breaks, thrill adventures, wine lovers, celebrity seekers and history lovers.

11. Auckland, NZ

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest and most diverse city, so if you’re looking to explore a culture-rich part of the country, this is the place to be. It’s arguably one of the prettiest cities in Oceania in our opinion, holding two beautifully picturesque harbours and an iconic skyline that is very unique. Much like most of the cities on this list, Auckland is also a perfect location to fly-in and connect to various locations around New Zealand (including the must-do filming locations of The Lord of the Rings films). Don’t want to leave the city? No problem, you’ll find loads to do in the streets too, including great art, museums, zoos and entertainment throughout!

This place is perfect for: beach vacations, city breaks, film tours, family vacations, long stays.

10. Svalbard, Norway

In our opinion, Svalbard is the closest the average traveller can get to being feeling like a true arctic explorer. Sitting high in the Arctic Circle, Svalbard is a jurisdiction of Norway, but feels like you’ve stepped right into the heart of the North Pole. There’s so much to do here that you’ll struggle to fit it all in, including the likes of sledding, snow-mobile rides, northern lights tours, glacier tours and, of course, polar bear sightings. The location is fairly small, but the capital city of Longyearbyen has some great accommodation and tour options that you’ll be very eager to stay at.

This place is perfect for: winter breaks, romantic getaways, arctic tours, nature lovers.

9. Kraków, Poland

As well as being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Kraków is a staple for history in Europe, specifically the hardships of Poland and its people through World War II. Dating back to the 7th Century, Kraków has a wide array of history within its streets, yet still is a very modern tourist location that caters to millions every year. You’ll find easy connections from here to popular destinations like the Auschwitz museum and site, as well as various road connections to other cities in Poland – that’s if you want to leave the city at all.

This place is perfect for: history lovers, tours, architectural admirers, city breaks, couples getaways.

8. Dublin, Ireland

Yes, it’s a strange opinion, but we strongly believe one of the best destinations in the world right now is just across the water from us! Dublin is a stunning city that’s full of amazing culture, people, things-to-do and landmarks, making it one of the best city breaks in the world in our opinion. It’s not just for drinkers either, as there’s lots to do in and around the city for those looking to explore the history, art or modernisation of the location too. It’s the perfect place to embrace the Irish people, their history and their future; but it’s also the perfect place to feel very comfortable on a holiday that is in another country, whilst also feeling very close to home.

This place is perfect for: first city breaks, city breaks, booze cruises, night life, architecture and history.

7. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the second largest city in Cambodia and home to some of the best examples of culture, people and old-time Cambodia that the country has to offer. With a stunning mixture between French colonialism and Chinese influences, the city is visibly stunning and holds a great array of things-to-do from shopping to cultural events. The location is home to our favourite icon of the Ancient World,  Angkor Wat, as well as amazing places like Old Market and Old French Quarter, both great for local shopping and dining in the city. You’ll also find a huge array of luxury accommodation options here too despite Cambodia being a relatively poor country.

This place is perfect for: ancient world tours, history lovers, couples getaways, city breaks and luxury stays.

6. New York City, USA

Arguably one of the best cities in the world for a visit, New York City is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world, with more languages spoken here every day than anywhere else in the world. With a combination of various cultures and a modernisation that even today is still breath-taking, the city upholds some of the best things-to-do of any. It’s one of the best locations for museums anywhere on our planet, as well as holding one of the best art scenes, theatrical and shopping experiences that you can have. It’s a truly unforgettable location, especially in winter, and is one of our favourite cities in the world (but definitely our favourite in the western hemisphere).

This place is perfect for: city breaks, winter breaks, romantic getaways, luxury stays, shopping.

5. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

With a landscape that looks like it’s taken straight from the world of Avatar, Ha Long Bay is one of the most naturally beautiful locations in the world, with it’s “floating” islands holding an iconic image around the world. The scenic bay is a beautiful place for a boat tour and photography experience, but the surrounding area and city are also great ways to see, explore and embrace the cultures of Vietnam. Your money will go a long way here and you’ll enjoy a beautiful stay regardless of what you do, with a quiet and serene experience being one we highly recommend.

This place is perfect for: luxury tours, natural world exploration, boat tours, culture and history.

4. Rome, Italy

Despite being a typically touristy location in Europe, Rome is by far one of the best locations available for an all-round great experience around the world. Naturally, the best experiences here are for those who love a city break, spending time in museums, sightseeing, restaurants and, of course, shopping. The city ranks so high on our list simply because of it’s huge selection of offerings, essentially filling a week here with ease, insisting that you return for a further visit to tick off everything else. You’ve even got excursions to nearby locations from Rome, as well as extra journeys to nearby cities and hotspots. If you love Italian food as much as we do too, you’ll be spoilt for choice here with a fantastic collection of both local and chain restaurants. 

This place is perfect for: city breaks, romantic getaways, luxury stays, shopping and history lovers.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru

As yet another Ancient Wonder of the World, Machu Picchu is one of our favourite destinations on the globe for a variety of reasons, but primarily because of it’s historical significance in identifying and understanding the Mayan Empire. Due to being relatively untouched for many centuries, Machu Picchu is a fantastic example of this very advanced civilisation, resulting in breathtaking views and examples of architecture, history, art and culture. The area is fairly touristy, so you’ll always be safe too (a common misconception when visiting Peru), so you really don’t have anything to worry about. Just enjoy the train ride from Cusco and take in the beautiful scenery, history and experience.

This place is perfect for: natural world, history lovers and people who want to see llamas.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu and the island of Oahu sits as the perfect combination of Polynesian heritage and culture mixed with modern America, offering a fantastic, comfortable stay in a drastic landscape with all the comforts of home. Whether you’re looking to sit on the beach, enjoy the beautiful oceans, tour volcanic craters or simply go on a road-trip, Honolulu is the centre point for everything great on the island. You’ll have no shortage of accommodation, dining and shopping options here, as well as a great array of cultural events and thrillseeking adventures to cater to every kind of traveller.

This place is perfect for: romantic getaways, city breaks, family vacations, thrillseekers and road-trips.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Resting comfortably at number one on our list is the stunning city of Tokyo, Japan, home to some of the nicest people in the world and a great array of things-to-do. Despite being one of the more modern cities in the world, Tokyo holds a vast history within its streets, pushing through the culture and experiences you will embrace every day on your travels. It’s the capital city, so you know there’s a bunch of things to do here, but you also have the Shinkansen (bullet train) to take you all over the country to places like Osaka and Hiroshima too. To list one thing from the cuisine, culture, history and entertainment would be folly because the location as a whole is truly wonderous. It’s definitely going to be hard to knock Tokyo off the top for the Top23 next year.

This place is perfect for: city breaks, history lovers, shopping, dining, family breaks, thrillseekers & all.

So, it’s important to remember, this is our Top22… but we encourage you to make your own! Each and every traveller around the world has different needs, requirements, expectations and wants from their travels, so tailor it to you! While we highly recommend visiting the locations we’ve listed above, we also recommend reading through our site to discover just what makes travel great to us, so that you know what makes it great for you (if you don’t already).

Stay safe and happy travels.