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Before we jump in to the best ways to get inspiration for your future travels, following our instagram, @britishtourist, is the perfect way to get inspired by pictures and stories from our travels! If you like reading our stuff, you’ll love the pictures we take around the world too; who knows, it may even inspire you to tag us in a few of your pics and get involved!

Vloggers / YouTube

Vloggers, YouTubers, influencers, or whatever other videography style is out there, are fantastic ways to get inspired to travel around the world. Not only can these videos help to inform you of tips, tricks, safety, security and experiences, they also help to inspire new destinations you may not have thought about beforehand – perfect inspiration!

Finding a personality that you can sync with over a screen can sometimes be difficult, so we’ve gathered a few of our favourites to the right to help you discover some of the best. With more and more channels popping up daily, we highly recommend just searching through YouTube and Instagram to find new people and discover their stories.


Expedia’s travel videos on YouTube offer a fantastic local insight into the best locations around the world. They have a little bit of a corporate feel to them, but they’re often narrated by a local to find the best spots for you as a tourist, so the information is good.

Vicky FlipFlop

Vicky FlipFlop is a well established traveller who has recently started a YouTube channel depicting her journeys. With everything from global destinations to festivals and events included, you get a wide range of content with Vicky; who is definitely one to watch!

Brady Skye

Brady Skye is an individual vlogger who is a fantastic watch for those looking to plan solo or group adventures around the world. He has some great videos around planning, tips and tricks, as well as cinematic videos to help inspire you to get out there and travel!

Get Inspired | Global Travel

Get Inspired | Global Travel

Get Inspired | Global Travel